We participated in the event Znanost u prolazu

Our young scientists Mirela Uzelac and Danijela Damijanić participated in the event Znanost u prolazu. The event, organized by the NGO Penkala, which aims to promote women scientists, took place on Saturday 15 October 2022 at the Korzo in Rijeka.

The topic of the presentation was the presentation of activities on the Naturally project, education of citizens about invasive species, citizen science campaigns.

In this way, citizens could learn to recognize the invasive plant species Tree of heaven, Black locust, Jerusalem artichoke and Canadian goldenrod. It was discussed whether these species only cause damage or whether they can also be useful in the form of medicines, decorations, bioherbicides.

We are glad that we can share our knowledge and have fun doing it. We can’t wait for the next opportunity!

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